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Henna Info. and After Care Instructions


Natural Henna Paste is NEVER BLACK! My paste is all natural and only contains henna powder, lemon juice, and essential oils. Because of it's natural elements, my paste will appear as green when first applied and then dries to a dark brown. If taken care of properly, an all natural paste can produce a great stain that may range from a burgandy to a very dark brown/ almost black looking stain.

The color of your henna and how long it lasts depends on many factors, including your body temperature and body chemistry, what part of the body is tattooed, how long you leave the paste in contact with your skin, how you remove the paste, and how well you care for your henna tattoo. A typical henna tattoo will last 1-3 weeks give or take:


~ Henna paste dries in about 15-30 minutes

~ Once the paste is dry you may apply a mix of lemon juice and sugar by dabbing it onto the paste lightly with a cotton ball. This will keep the paste sticking to your skin for longer and will also enhance the color. I also carry a lemon sugar spray to all my events which is also available to you and can be used to easily apply to your henna paste.

~ Keep the paste on for an additional 4-12 hours for a dark stain, overnight is the best. The longer you keep on your paste the longer your stain will last and the darker it’ll be.

~ Gently peel or scrape off the remaining paste (use olive oil or lemon juice to remove stubborn bits of henna if needed) – DO NOT wash paste off with water. Keep away from water for at least 8 hours after paste removal as water will prevent the color from rising and will also fade the stain faster!

~ Henna appears orange at first and darkens to a reddish brown. It takes 48-72 hours for your henna stain to reach its peak color.

~ The thicker, dryer skin on palms and soles are darkest and last longest. Thinner, oilier skin of upper arms and torso are light and will fade faster. Shaving, exfoliating scrubs, chlorine, and frequent washing will fade the stain faster.

~ When taking a shower you may apply Olive Oil/ Vaseline to help repel the water and keep your stain from fading.

~ Natural Henna is NEVER BLACK! My paste is all natural and only contains henna powder, lemon juice, and essential oils.